5 Star Review: Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen...How did I Ever Live without L.J. Shen's Books? & Giveaway

5 Star Review: Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen...How did I Ever Live without L.J. Shen's Books? & Giveaway

5 Star Review

Daria Followhill is one of the most relatable characters I have ever read. However, on the outside, she is not: she is a billionaire's daughter, queen of her high school, head cheerleader, gorgeous, and the perfect mean girl. Perfect. That is the key word to her life.

On the inside, she is in constant turmoil with dark secrets and hatred. She is full of hurt not only by what she caused herself but that of others.

Enter: Penn Scully. Oh, Penn! Penn is the poor, rough boy from the wrong side of town. As a 14-year-old boy, he fell in love with one of the loneliest lost girls in the world outside his sister's ballet studio. Mistakes changed lives. Dreams were crushed. First love bloomed. Then Enemies were made.

This book repeatedly crushed my heart and soul. I laughed as much as I cried! Though this is a standalone series, I highly recommend you read the Sinners of Saint Series which is about the parents of Daria, Knight, Vaugh, and Luna. To really appreciate the Four Hotholes as dads you need to read their books! Yes, Jaime, Dean, Vicious, and Trent are all grown up, but you can see them in their children, and even grown-up they are still the same Hotholes they were thirty years ago. I loved each one of those books as well!! As with their parents, I'm already shipping two of the Totholes. I know Leigh will give us the best story for each character!

Not to spoil anything about Pretty Reckless I am going to leave you here! Know this book will stay with you. It is full of angst, emotions, highly developed characters, a rich & complex plot, and enough steam your face will be very red! It's just how I like Leigh's books! Yes, these kiddos are in high school, but they are just as mature acting as their parents were at this age!!

This is a story of mistakes.

This is a story of secrets and lies.

This a story of redemption.

This is a story of revenge.

This is a story of growing up.

This is a love story.

Enjoy! This is one of my favorite books of the year, and I am so excited about the next three books!

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Pretty Reckless, an all-new standalone high school, bully romance from USA Today bestselling author L.J. Shen, is available now!


We were supposed to be best friends

But turned out to be worst enemies…


They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

I’d had four years to stew on what Daria Followhill did to me, and now my heart is completely iced.

I took her first kiss.

She took the only thing I loved.

I was poor.

She was rich.

The good thing about circumstances? They can change. Fast.

Now, I’m her parents’ latest shiny project.

Her housemate. Her tormentor. The captain of the rival football team she hates so much.

Yeah, baby girl, say it—I’m your foster brother.

There’s a price to pay for ruining the only good thing in my life, and she’s about to shell out some serious tears.

Daria Followhill thinks she is THE queen. I’m about to prove to her that she’s nothing but a spoiled princess.


Everyone loves a good-old, unapologetic punk.

But being a bitch? Oh, you get slammed for every snarky comment, cynical eye roll, and foot you put in your adversaries’ way.

The thing about stiletto heels is that they make a hell of a dent when you walk all over the people who try to hurt you.

In Penn Scully’s case, I pierced his heart until he bled out, then left it in a trash can on a bright summer day.

Four years ago, he asked me to save all of my firsts for him.

Now he lives across the hall, and there’s nothing I want more than to be his last everything.

His parting words when he gave me his heart were that nothing in this world is free.

Now? Now he is making me pay.

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Download your copy today for the special release week price of ONLY $2.99 or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.

Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets people's’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.


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