New Release & Review: Hate to Love You by Lily Ryan...True Love Isn’t Always Pretty

New Release & Review: Hate to Love You by Lily Ryan...True Love Isn’t Always Pretty

Updated with Review: 4 Star Read-Didn't Love this story at first because I thought it was meant to be a full adult novel. Instead it was New Adult, which I love, but I went into reading with a different set of expectations.

I will READ MORE by the AUTHOR!

I was excited when I began this story! The first couple of chapters had me completely hooked. I was wrapped up in the love story that was Samantha and Cole. He’s her brother’s best friend and therefore should be off limits. Their relationship had me giggling, completely frustrated, and then ultimately happy. It was a guaranteed Happily Ever After or otherwise I might have given up. I think the problems I had stemmed from the characters being 18 and 22. I think if they were 16 and 18, I would have found their relationship problems believable. But 22 isn't that old and knowledgeable as I would hope. 
BUT Samantha is exceptionally emotional and deep. She is not one dimensional, and the author does a great job dealing with family, and the million and one ways family effects us. 

I’m just going to get my issues out of the way, which are purely my opinion, and might not be an issue for someone else, and then say all the things I liked:

-The “huge age gap”…is ONLY 4 years, he’s 22, and she’s 18 which is not that big of a deal.

-Cole is kind of a wuss.. he’s 22, lives in his parent's basement, he denies his own happiness out of fear of hurting his best friend, and a lot of time he acts/talks childishly. He is 22 has a full-time job with a degree. He is a Man. He is a grown-up. He has true grown-up feelings. He needs to act like it!

- I feel like every time someone told the truth the other side got pissed off and declared the relationship was over even though they just asked for the info to have a better relationship.

-They don't talk. All of their problems come from not talking.

-The side character's abortion subplot does not fit in at all. It doesn't add to the story. It also doesn't affect the main characters at all.

-The side character that was Callie just did not belong. There was already enough going on without her.

-The ending. I felt like it just abruptly stopped and the physical place where it ended was the farthest place from romantic.

-This needs an Epilogue


-Samantha is a vivid character. Everything that she deals with is age appropriate and real. She loves and hates passionately.

-The author does an amazing job describing Samantha's life, feelings, and life-changing moments.

-The feelings: passion, lust, and love between Samantha and Cole are real!

-The sex scenes are great! I think she has one of the most honest reactions, which is perfect. This trend of honesty and realism in first-time sex scenes is a real positive that I'm starting to see and love! All the times after can be over the top, but it's a coming of age story, so I'm glad she kept it a little real.

-The family problems and interactions only added to the story. They explained why Samantha is the way she is.

-There were several surprises and twists that I was not expecting.

-The ending: granted the place was awful, but what was said was wonderful.

Overall thoughts: Knowing this is a New Adult coming of Age Story it changed my point of view on plot expectations. I enjoyed the premise. I love the idea of forbidden relationships, but I like my forbidden relationships really forbidden....I think if Cole were 10-15 years older and acted like it, then it would have felt naughty. 

It was just overly dramatic then again that reflects the feelings of first love both the free fall into it and the pain it can cause. If characters in their 30s acted this way I'd be upset, but for late teens and early 20s this book reflects that time in life when you are learning how to become who you are and want to be. I plan on reading more by this author in the future! 

🎉Happy Release Day Lily Ryan 🎉

·٠•●·٠•●·٠•●HATE to LOVE YOU●•٠· ●•٠·●•٠·

By Lily Ryan

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All it takes is one kiss.
One mind-bending, toe-curling, life altering kiss to change everything. 
The night my brother faces death, I embrace life. 
I’m a mess. Until the strong arms of Cole Andrews find me.
Tears turn to kisses, and comfort to lust.
As the men in my life take turns falling off their pedestals, one man rises. 
The one I’ve wanted for years. The man I’m head over heels in love with.
My brother’s best friend. 
Cole Andrews.

Samantha Stone is forbidden. 
Off limits.
She’s been running around my head for the last year. 
In the face of tragedy, she’s left alone, vulnerable and crying in my arms. 
What harm can come of one kiss? 
One kiss leads into one night of unforgettable passion that changes everything.
I can’t let her go, but for her brother’s sake, we need to keep it secret. 
Secrets have a way of rising to the surface and destroying everything in their path. 
When they do who will be left standing? Will I lose her? My best friend? Or both?

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