My Review & Shameless Love of Worship by Trilina Pucci

My Review & Shameless Love of Worship by Trilina Pucci

Trilina Pucci is an author I have only become familiar with over the past month or so. I read the first two books in her Forever Series, back in February. Then this month there was Truth and Worship.

Before I get to my book review, I want to comment on the author! She is real, hilarious, down to earth, and just so much fun!! If you don’t follow her on Instagram or Facebook, I highly recommend you do! Those links will be down at the bottom. Be prepared for all types of book love, cover whoring, racy reads & discussions, memes that will make you want to pee your pants, and new uses for household items….Just read Worship, and you will KNOW what I am talking about! *dying laughing while typing*

Her personality shines through not only her social media accounts but also her books! She is passionate about her characters and the world she creates for them! She is an author who genuinely cares about her readers and other authors. She loves Romance and Good Books like the rest of us! She promotes and praises others, which is extremely important in the writing community!

I’ll go ahead and issue a warning this fabulous lady will probably get a post each time a new book is released! I hope you enjoy!

With all that being said here is my review of Worship:

How on earth did I refer to Luca as Dom’s sweet little twin brother in the last book, Truth?

Silly me, my mistake!

Luca might be the real King of my Heart! Sorry, Dominic! Luca turns into a fluffy teddy bear when it comes to Ella his precious 6 months old daughter! Yet is a calculating monster like Dom, if he needs to be! That’s just the King family!

*Be warned your kindle will melt because this book is a red hot romance with little taboo treats sprinkled all around!

Truth, left us with Gretchen at Luca’s hospital bedside never letting go, while his wife, a term I use loosely, Shelby, was calling lawyers to make sure she got money as soon as he was dead. The hatred I had for Shelby plus the already love at first sight moments Gretchen had with Luca, made a normally sane and moral woman as myself cheer for the couple to have an affair and for Luca to leave his wife🤦🏼‍♀️ I felt bad, but then learning more about Shelby and their sweet daughter Ella, I didn’t feel that bad. It is FICTION after all! There is a difference between the real world and the book world!

Gretchen is brilliant, gorgeous, sassy, and knows her worth! She will not put up with any of Luca’s macho Mafia boss-ish crap...except when she wants to😉 As always it’s on her terms!

This book is such a sexy slow burn! Gretchen and Luka have a magnetic pull to one another, but not wanting to be a mistress G fights it. Oh The Chase! L&G love the hunt, the chase, and the sweet wonderful catch! These two are fire!

The moments in the forbidden Church make things steamier. I love how the author leaves so much of what goes on in each dark, locked room to the reader’s imagination.

Each character is deep and well developed. Both deal with family, loss, and the question of who are they supposed to be! Luca is darker and more involved in the family than expected. Like Drew, Gretchen was surprised how dark she was willing to go! There are twists and turns throughout! We learn so much about the family!

That is my long-winded way of saying I love this book, this family of characters, and I cannot wait to see what/who the future books have in store!

There are two new couples I’m already rooting for!

******IF you would like to hear more about Truth, Come Back to Me, or Forever With Me either check out my Goodreads page or leave a comment below! I’d love to know what you want more of!!

From the Author: WORSHIP by Trilina Pucci is AVAILABLE NOW

Book Two, in A Sinful Series, brings you an intense, taboo love story, and an even hotter ALPHA. Meet Luca King— broody, powerful and a man who’s never refused.

 There are only two reasons a man falls to his knees: prayer and pussy.

And I sure as hell don’t pray.

But for this woman, I’d fall on my knees to worship every single, gorgeous part of her body.

And claim her as mine, knowing I shouldn’t want to keep her.

Because we’re all wrong, too complicated, too explosive….too sinful. I want what I can’t have.

But I’ll take it anyway because Gretchen Andrews has done the one thing my wife never could….she’s made me love her.






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