Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing provides extensive feedback on your manuscript. It focuses on story and plot structure, voice, character development, thematics, clarity, consistency, and any other weaknesses that are specific to your narrative and prose.

You, as the author create your world and the rules of your setting/world, and it is my job to see that you follow them.

At the developmental stage, you’ll receive specific advice to help revise your manuscript on a structural level.

You’ll receive a brief which opens with a broad response to your manuscript, its structure, and style, and they will get more detailed. The brief’s conclusion provides a list of specific advice that pertains to individual sections and/or pages. Corrections and suggestions can also be made directly on the manuscript in a Word document. Recommendations can include:

Restating/Refocusing the core intentions and goals of the book

Examination of the narrative voice and strengths

Possible restructuring of the plot to maximize the narrative’s impact

Remove sections that aren’t essential to the story.

Strengthen underdeveloped characters

Build upon sections of the narrative that feel underdeveloped

Advise on any issues with the pacing or repetitiveness

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Customize Your Experience

Customize Your Experience

Line Editing

Line Editing