Our Goal & Vision

Welcome, I am Ally, the co-founder of Wasted Life Books. I have had a lifelong love affair with reading. It is a passion that has guided me through my education and career. I work with my co-founder and husband Edward. He is a movie aficionado with his own writings, cover designs, and directing credits. He is a screenwriter who over the years has slowly converted into a bibliophile. Together we have a broad spectrum of expertise and knowledge. No matter what we are working on, we have a love and passion for our projects.

Over the past five years, I became active in online reviewing and promoting various ARCs for authors and publishing companies on NetGalley, Goodreads, and Amazon. I find immense joy and pleasure by sharing and publicizing new books with the world. Writing reviews to help inform others of an author and their works is rewarding on its own. Anytime someone has written that they read a new book or author because of my recommendation, I cannot help but feel proud.

My goal is to work with authors before they release their ARCs to possibly take a four-star book and add those special touches to make it worth five stars. Authors already have a vision, a story, and characters that they love; I want to provide extra support with my critical eye and experience. My goal is not to change an author’s vision but to polish it. This is your baby, your project, and you have poured yourself into your writing. I want to make sure the message and story that you are trying to convey reaches the reader as you envisioned.

I am here to be your cheerleader, support system, promoter, but also provide advice, in-depth analysis, and critiques. Tell me your vision and let me help you make it a reality.


 A Brief History

Before we start our book journey together, let me tell you a little about my professional self. I attended The University of Texas, Harding University, and Murray State University. I am an eclectic due to many wonderful life experiences that could only be provided through living in differing parts of the country and traveling abroad. I earned both a bachelors and masters in History with a secondary concentration in English Literature. I believe that the best histories and stories are formed in the social and political consciousness of the period being discussed. History and Literature shape each other. I used these ideas in writing my own master’s thesis.

I spent the past ten years working in university and public school settings in various teaching roles. These jobs have allowed me nearly ten years of writing, proofing, researching, and critiquing experience. I have worked with fiction along with nonfiction. Most of my critiquing, fact-checking, copy editing, and line editing has been with academic works.